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バババブ~ん 新酒登場!!バンブ~。バンブ~。

   後輩okヤンと行き着けの店 大阪北新地にある「秀」さん 毎度美味しいあてありますが、今回のサプライズは日本酒なり~フルーティ、フレイルティまるで森林にいるかのよな香り
世は満足じゃ~ さすが米所 新潟のお酒それをまた竹の風流セットで飲ますんだから暑さも一時完全に忘れさしてもらいますわ~店長さん 有難うなのでありますもう、白ワインなぞいりまへん、日本人たるものポン酒ですよポン酒 そろそろ祭りの季節やし、これまたお祭りにもあうんですよねほんに神の水じゃ~梅雨明け宣言おまへんが恵みの雨も最近おまへんわ まあ我慢の日々続きますが…頑張ろう
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Meanwhile, the human heart for each contraction, expansion once middle 0.1s time gap period. During this gap period, the human body is the most sensitive current role. Therefore, the electric shock time longer coincides with the gap of more times, thereby causing the greater the risk of 3. The current through the body pathway. When a current is passed through the body's internal organs, the consequences will be serious. Through the head, for example, will destroy the brain, people died. Would undermine the central nervous system through the spinal cord, paralyzing. Through the lungs makes breathing difficult. Through the heart, causing the heart to quiver or stop beating and death. These types of injuries, the most serious heart damage. Based on accident statistics: the most dangerous to the human body through channels from the hands and feet, followed by hand from the hand, the least danger from foot to foot, but may lead to secondary accidents. The current category. The current can be divided into direct current, alternating current. AC can be divided into the power frequency electric and high-frequency electric. Current on the human body injury, but the degree of injury. Human ability to endure DC, high-frequency electrical power frequency electric. So-frequency electric greatest harm to human body 5. Health status of electric shock. Consequences of electric shock and the health status of the electric shock by. According to the statistics, the muscular, the ability of adults than children from the current strong men than women get rid of current ability. Electric shock is most at risk of suffering from heart disease, lung disease, endocrine disorders, and psychiatric patients. Their electric shock highest mortality. Of electric shock, mental preparation, light electrical shock. For example, the current through the human body, the human body directly accept the current energy will be subjected to electric shocks; converted to heat energy in the human body, causing the body by burns or burns; exposure to electromagnetic fields, to absorb the energy of the electromagnetic field will also be injuries. A lot of damage, electric shock injury is the most basic form. Some other injury, no warning in advance of current on the human body injury. The damage often occurs in the moment, but also hurt the defense capability to quickly lower the body once the electrical shock. These two features increase the the current injury risk. A current of damage to the body's current harm to the human body is often said that an electric shock, the damage caused by the energy of the current direct effect on the body or converted into other forms of energy in the human body. 1.1 electric shock electric shock is current through the body, the body tissues are stimulated muscles involuntarily spasmodic contraction caused harm. Severe shock to the normal working of the human heart, lungs, nervous system damage is to the life-threatening injuries, tens of mA-frequency current can make people have been fatal electric shock. The site of injury from electric shock within the human body, while the outside of the human body without leaving obvious traces. More than 50mA (RMS), frequency alternating current through the body, usually both may cause ventricular fibrillation or heart stops beating, may also lead to apnea. However, the former appear much earlier than the latter, that the former is the primary. If the current through the body's only 20 ~ 25mA, generally do not directly caused by ventricular fibrillation or heart stops beating. However, such a long time, can still cause the heart to stop beating. At this time, ventricular fibrillation or heart stops beating, apnea, leading to hypoxia caused when the current exceeds the number of security through the human body, due to a strong stimulus may first make apnea. The number of security of the current flowing through the human body, but also may cause severe burns or even death. Electric shock is strongly stimulated by the current of the body, the occurrence of strong nervous system reflex, blood circulation, respiration and other metabolic disorder occurs, so that the nervous system is suppressed, appeared a sharp drop in blood pressure, pulse weakened, respiratory failure, delirium phenomenon . Electric shock state can extend tens of minutes to a few days. The consequences may be effectively treated and cured, it may be due to the complete loss of function of important life and death. 1.2 electrical burn electrical injury is damage caused by the heating effect of current, chemical effects, mechanical effects on the human body, causing electric shock current was relatively large. Electrical injury will leave visible injuries on the body surface, but its harmful effects may be deep into the body. Compared with electric shock, electrical injury is a localized injury. The degree of risk of electric shock depends on the injured area, depth, injured site of injury. Electrical injury, including electric burns, stigma, skin metalized, mechanical damage, electro-optic eye and other injury. Electrical burns are the most common electrical injury. Most of the electrical shock can cause electrical burns. Electrical burns can be divided into the current burns and arc burns. The greater the current, and energization time is longer, the smaller the resistance of the current path, the current burns the more serious. Body charged body contact area is generally not large, coupled with high skin resistance, so that the contact area of 鈥嬧€媡he skin with a charged body to produce more heat, under severe burns. When the current is large, it may burn the subcutaneous tissue. Breakdown discharge will occur close to the high-voltage electrified body burns current generally occurs in low-voltage electrical equipment, often hundreds of milliamps of current can cause burns, the current number of security will cause serious burns. Electric imprint is current through the body, the scars left at the site of contact. Scar at the hard skin change, lose their elasticity and color surface necrosis, unconscious. Skin metalization metal particles penetrate the skin. The injured area becomes rough and tension. The skin metal multi-arc discharge occurred, and generally hurt in the exposed parts of the human body. When the arc discharge occurs, compared with the arc burns, skin metalization is not a major injury. The electro-optic eye showed inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. In arc discharge, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet rays are likely to damage the eyes. For short-term irradiation, UV is the main electro-optic eye. 2 2.1 through the body size of the current current current harmful to human health factors can cause different reactions of the human body, habit, usually divided into shock current perception of current, reactive current, to get rid of the current and ventricular fibrillation current. From a safety point of view, the provisions of the man was allowed to get rid of the threshold current 9mA, women 6mA. Electric shock to the human body, causing ventricular fibrillation probability greater than 5% of the current limit, referred to as ventricular fibrillation threshold value, also called ventricular fibrillation current customary. When the shock time is less than 5s, of formula I = 165/t1/2 to calculate the threshold value of ventricular fibrillation. When defibrillation is greater than 5s, by 30mA as ventricular fibrillation caused by another limiting current value. The large number of tests showed that the risk of ventricular fibrillation occurs only when the electric shock current is greater than 30mA. 2.2 the duration of electric shock time of the current through the human body is longer, the current on the human body caused by thermal injury, chemical injury, and the more serious physical harm. In particular the current duration of ventricular fibrillation have a close relationship. From the information available, the the shortest shock time is 8.3ms, rarely more than 5s. 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<p>During the ceremony, producer Gale Anne Hurd received the MPSE Filmmaker Award. “To me, sound design provides much more than 50% of the viewers' filmgoing experience,” Hurd said. “I love the sound of a cicada, a wind chime, a shirt rustling, or silence.”</p>
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<p> Cast member Benjamin Stone, who couldn't make it to the panel shared some Chloe-Alek spoilers, teasing that there will be some love between the two.</p>
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