のぶかつの部活動 since 1970
Do you know the answer to this riddle?






◆ 日本における「お盆」は、




エー多分 ご先祖様もゆっくり休めってことで











・ 悪霊や亡者たちを踊りながら追い出すものといろいろです。








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Built well
2016-11-30 Wed 01:09 | URL | best katana #CXKyKFS2[ 内容変更]
this was received in excellent condition and in the time expected
2016-11-29 Tue 21:31 | URL | sword for sale #SKnVU.5Q[ 内容変更]
It is a beautiful sword, beautiful workmanship, honest real ray skin. phenomenal product, very very happy, have a second one on the way. I will never waste my money on another product line again, I will continue to purchase from Handmade Sword. Thanks so very much.
2016-11-29 Tue 21:30 | URL | japanese samurai #neDfpolk[ 内容変更]
Very fast shipping. Wonderful packed. Very nice quality craftsmanship wonderful addition to my sword collection
2016-11-29 Tue 19:49 | URL | katana sword for sale #EM4j4/fI[ 内容変更]
I chop full branches worth it ...it was sweet my boy was like omg be careful of cleansing tool I th ought I was gonna die with the glass sheds in the powder patch
2016-11-29 Tue 19:49 | URL | katana Sword #H4PQ6d06[ 内容変更]
Double Sweet!!!!!! Beautiful red and black blade highlights the folding laminations, solid construction. Hay bales yield smoothly. Details nice. I got it for the symbolism of the green and fish, and the red blade details -- Archangel St Raphael, the Source of Divine Healing (Green and fish) and Archangel St Euriel, the Source of Divine Wisdom (Red). Later, I might ask Ryan to have matching Wakizashi and Tanto made for me. I'll bet that the Archangel Raphael, the Source of Divine Healing, uses the sword to metaphorically cut out illness.
2016-11-29 Tue 15:00 | URL | real sword #yqu1SKok[ 内容変更]
This sword is absolutely beautiful. Great quality, good weight and balance. My only issue with the sword is the claw and the wrapping that's tied to it. The wrapping is a really cheap looking material that appears worn on the edges. Also unlike most samural swords it's not beautifully tied/wrapped around the sword. Aside from that I really like the sword. Oh and one more thing, the picture used to show the sword is accurate so don't expect it to be white as it is in the movie. However in my opinion, the color of this sword/sheath is better than that of the movie.
2016-11-29 Tue 04:35 | URL | Samurai Sword #2lxXlJxA[ 内容変更]
It was shipped quickly and arrived well packaged and protected.
2016-11-29 Tue 01:17 | URL | japanese katana #tpsymo3g[ 内容変更]
I choose this katana because it is a great value for the amount of quality you get. The design is very nice and the blade is very sharp. At this time I have it displayed in my living room and it looks great! I highly recommend this Katana especially for anyone with a tight budget.
2016-11-29 Tue 01:17 | URL | Ninja Katana #IeiIqJWE[ 内容変更]
Awesome tool! Couldn't be happier!
2016-11-28 Mon 03:15 | URL | real swords #.y9kxC2I[ 内容変更]
Very worth the money!! Only let down was the wrapping isn't awesome, but it's great!!
2016-11-28 Mon 02:52 | URL | Saya For Sale #x8yc3Obg[ 内容変更]
Love it
2016-11-27 Sun 19:29 | URL | samurai swords #QOTr71Z6[ 内容変更]
This was a Christmas gift purrchased for someone else. I haven't had any feedback that says he didn't like it.
2016-11-27 Sun 19:28 | URL | katana swords #ImFVBtNQ[ 内容変更]
Thesaurus beautiful very sharp only complaint as in the picture it shows a dark place with the silver tip the entire blade is silver I think they lied at it that way to show the folding marks besides that a great Buy
2016-11-27 Sun 17:22 | URL | best katana #CXKyKFS2[ 内容変更]
My son loves to collect these, we gave it to him for Xmas and he loves it. Of course we do control when and how he handles it. He shows it off to all his friends. Great addition to his collection
2016-11-27 Sun 17:22 | URL | katana Swords #4VS4kfa6[ 内容変更]
Swordaxe was great! We got the shipment which came with oil for the sword, well due to packaging it leaked and there was no more oil to clean the weapon. We contacted Swordaxe and they replied back in five minutes and sent us a new package of cleaning kit. There are great and will do business with them again!!
2016-11-27 Sun 14:43 | URL | Naginata Swords #6y1EqjfA[ 内容変更]
I am saveing up all my money to get this sword it rocks
2016-11-27 Sun 14:42 | URL | Best Samurai Sword #.gemGqcs[ 内容変更]
This was or is a gift for my son who is in the Navy and stationed in Japan. He loves it and I bought a second one for one of my sons who was in the Marine Corp.. beautiful and very sharp for sure.. just love it and I am glad I chose this over others I had researched.. Best for the money too.
2016-11-27 Sun 14:23 | URL | Samurai Swords #vuuQ8crE[ 内容変更]
This is the most beautifully designed katana blade I've ever seen. It's very light and easy to move and sharp as glass. Handle is comfortable. Worth the money.
2016-11-25 Fri 11:20 | URL | best katana #CXKyKFS2[ 内容変更]
Seems to be extremely durable.
2016-11-25 Fri 11:19 | URL | Tsukas #36TR0FA.[ 内容変更]
It was everything I expected
2016-11-24 Thu 03:31 | URL | katana Tsuba #3X5Jcg2I[ 内容変更]
It is a great weapon.
2016-11-24 Thu 01:12 | URL | katana Sword #H4PQ6d06[ 内容変更]
Excellent quality. Arrived double boxed. I was very impressed with the quality. This is a definite must have for any collector. I would highly recommend this Katana to anyone looking to add to their collection.
2016-11-24 Thu 01:11 | URL | katana Swords #4VS4kfa6[ 内容変更]
such a great purchase. I would recomend this sword to any one that likes getting nice suprises.
2016-11-23 Wed 09:47 | URL | Best Japanese Katana #EY1QP9Yw[ 内容変更]
This is a sturdy katana, thicker than most blades used for tatami cutting. It is alo heavier and takes some practice to get used to, but when you are used to it, it slices through tatami mats like it is air! Very happy with it, so far no bend in it, while thinner blade katanas in use need work when hitting tatami the wrong way.
2016-11-22 Tue 23:52 | URL | Japanese Samurai Sword #o.CJ6ehw[ 内容変更]
Awesome quality sword everything is tight and good quality especially the scabbard I was super impressed with this product for the money thank u so much Amazon I love this item!
2016-11-22 Tue 15:19 | URL | handmade katana #gbXA.zUw[ 内容変更]
great craftsmanship. this sword arrived sharp and well packaged.
2016-11-22 Tue 15:19 | URL | katana bags #IMAvB84g[ 内容変更]
A nearly flawless reproduction of the Dotanuki. A piece of quality military art and history.
2016-11-22 Tue 04:47 | URL | Wakizashi Sword for sale #4lnsk5Q2[ 内容変更]
First off, I want to say Fast shipping! I ordered from Germany and I got the item fast!!! Thanks.
2016-11-22 Tue 04:25 | URL | handmade samurai swords #zdr2JHAY[ 内容変更]
such a great purchase. I would recomend this sword to any one that likes getting nice suprises.
2016-11-22 Tue 01:24 | URL | samurai katana #AWulhxNI[ 内容変更]
Awesome sword. Very sharp. Includes cleaning kit which is a plus due to the caliper of weapon this is. Good job guys. A+++.
2016-11-21 Mon 14:19 | URL | Samurai Katana Steel #n2HHcBE.[ 内容変更]
I am very impressed with this sword. The craftsmanship on the handle and hilt are very strong. It came sharpened, but not super sharp, it does come with a layer of grease to prevent rusting, Which is white. The entire construction is sturdy and has a great feel to it. I don't know if it's just an imprinted coloring on the blade or not. But I will say if it turns out to be a plain carbon steel blade, it still is worth way more then paid .
2016-11-21 Mon 05:23 | URL | katana for sale #6vpyuZsg[ 内容変更]
Great product and Super Customer interaction... The best response from A vendor I have ever had.. I won't give it away but you will like the steps this company takes to get you product ready.;)
2016-11-20 Sun 19:29 | URL | real sword #yqu1SKok[ 内容変更]
This is a very nice , well balanced sword. Very pleased.
2016-11-20 Sun 16:52 | URL | tanto blade #AdtW08dQ[ 内容変更]
I know this is not a true Japanese Katana but in the hand this sword still exudes an aura that requires respect. Well made,sturdy, and beautiful as it stands.
2016-11-20 Sun 16:52 | URL | Naginata weapon #dVSdjWJ2[ 内容変更]
This is a WONDERFUL item. I have it above my fireplace, and it looks amazing! Very well made, exactly as decribed.
2016-11-20 Sun 14:44 | URL | short Sword #zH0h1sIc[ 内容変更]
2016-11-19 Sat 01:36 | URL | yeezy boost 350 v2 black #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
I just wanted the wakizashi for a photography piece I was working on. I didn't know that this came as two swords that fit together. I was pleasantly surprised! The edge was a little sharper than another prop sword I had, so be aware of that if you have kids. I will say it's not as shiny as it looks in the picture, but maybe that's because I didn't polish it or something.
2016-11-18 Fri 23:11 | URL | japanese katana #tpsymo3g[ 内容変更]
The sword came in faster than expected, and met my high expectations. It is razor sharp, there are no knicks, and it feels as if it was built to last. In my opinion, this sword is worth the money.
2016-11-18 Fri 15:40 | URL | samurai armor #4Ws4QfUY[ 内容変更]
2016-11-18 Fri 03:52 | URL | yeezy boost 350 v2 black copper metallic #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
2016-11-14 Mon 22:39 | URL | ugg black friday #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
<a href="http://www.bluehouse.es/ssmm.php?sitemap.htm">adidas yeezy boost 750 'de color marrón claro' by2456</a>
2016-11-03 Thu 04:20 | URL | hommes manteau moncler #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
2016-10-31 Mon 22:28 | URL | canada goose jackets black friday 2016 #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
its a great eye catcher display piece, but the only thing is the saya isn't a tight fit, but other than that its great
2016-10-30 Sun 22:59 | URL | jananese katana sword #Pc/BxNKI[ 内容変更]
Very nice katana. Especially for the price. For 100 dollars you cannot beat this sword. I'm not a self proclaimed master swordsman like most of the people who write these reviews, and I'm not gonna pretend like I am. That being said I don't know for sure how katanas are graded traditionally so I'm giving this one 5 stars based on how it appeals to me. Aesthetically appealing across the board. Real hamon, everything was just as advertised. It came nice and sharp, although I plan on honing it more. I cut a few tree branches with ease, and some others weren't so easy (which may have been my technique or lack thereof). I don't know if it's razor sharp or not or how to determine that, but it sliced a paper into ribbons a few times. I would buy this sword again, in fact I probably will. No blade wobble. Yes it's made in China, what isn't these days.
2016-10-29 Sat 09:00 | URL | Best Japanese Sword #Pg3Eq/lU[ 内容変更]
beautiful blade awesome customer service 5 star
2016-10-29 Sat 02:37 | URL | Tsuka #DrPK4VN.[ 内容変更]
Beautifully made. My son loved it. The red color is cool looking. He was able to slice a watermelon with it with a single chop, but it wasn't so sharp that it would cut you just to touch it.
2016-10-29 Sat 02:36 | URL | Wakizashi Weapons #Y3ZGspwE[ 内容変更]
This sword is a magnificent quality for a sword that could(should) cost much more. I am very pleased with my purchase, this is an excellent sword
2016-10-29 Sat 02:36 | URL | katana swords for sale #nN0yfsQ2[ 内容変更]
Bought two at the same time, one for each hand. Great for training and good price.
2016-10-29 Sat 00:05 | URL | the sword #ryE9m2NU[ 内容変更]
<a href="http://www.iallergy.ru/wp-content/uploads/sub-plais.php?sitemap.htm">adidas yeezy boost 750 'light brown' by2456</a>
2016-10-26 Wed 18:43 | URL | adidas yeezy boost 750 uk #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
Great price for a high quality product served up with solid customer service . I ordered the katana and the next day contacted Ryan through Amazon wondering if it would be possible to customize a few parts . It took a few days for a reply but they were very courteous and eager to please . Not only would they substitute the requested parts but did so with no extra charges and even e-mailed photos for approval before shipping . It came well packaged and in perfect shape . The katana is absolutely gorgeous ! Beautiful hamon from the clay tempering on the folded high carbon polished blade . Solid construction and more than sufficiently sharp to start in on practice targets out of the box . Great balance and feel . Overall it was a pleasure to both work with the company and enjoy the fine product . I'm more than certain I'll be doing business with Ryan again . If you're looking for a beautiful blade to display and/or use to shred targets at an affordable price .... look no further .
2016-10-25 Tue 11:34 | URL | katana to saya #govSfIL6[ 内容変更]
Purchased as a gift. The recipient was very pleased!
2016-10-25 Tue 11:34 | URL | Nodachi sword #wtQtCgnU[ 内容変更]
It's my first Samuri Sword, so I'm happy with the price and product. Lighter and a better blade or so, will cost a lot more, but this fits well.
2016-10-24 Mon 19:39 | URL | clay tempered steel #dOzbjQ8U[ 内容変更]
I loved this so much I bought my husband one.
2016-10-24 Mon 19:39 | URL | katana Swords #4VS4kfa6[ 内容変更]
I love this weapon. It maybe lighter than wood, but it is far more durable. I also like its lightness because it can used with speed. I plan to get a second one to have a matching pair. I have 2 Wooden Wakazashi Bokken and 1 Wooden Tanto Bokken, and all three are stored because they get chipped and start to split. I will only use Cold Steel Trainers from now on. The Cold Steel trainers don't have the distracting vibration that wood creates hitting a target. Lastly, a well placed strike with a Cold Steel trainer can be just as brutal as a Wooden Bokken strike.
2016-10-24 Mon 18:18 | URL | Ninja Swords #UvadsTH.[ 内容変更]
I was worried about the authenticity of the product as it is far cheaper than on the official musashi website and that in the pictures there is no "musashi" inscription on the gold colored metal piece above the guard. I got the free two day shipping and it promptly arrived. I was more than pleased when I took it out of the box. It was far more sturdy than i had expected and looked far better than in any picture. It did in fact come with a certificate of authenticity. I am very very satisfied with the purchase. criticisms - the piece that is supposed to have the musashi stamp does in fact have the stamp but doesn't fit, it wobbles around all the time. I'm unsure about the small oil colored lines that run throughout the blade, can't seem to wash them off but polishing may take care of that, however it may be just what the steel is supposed to look like (never owned this type of steel blade). It wasn't really that sharp at all, couldn't even cut into paper. Had to sharpen it myself and since i'm inexperienced I left some pretty gnarly scratches. It scratches extremely easily but i guess thats inevitable with something that is being used to cut things. If you want it for a display piece don't use it
2016-10-24 Mon 18:18 | URL | Tanto knife #cZna2R5U[ 内容変更]
If you're looking for a great quality sword, this is the place.
2016-10-24 Mon 18:03 | URL | ninja sword for sale #ZNCcHQOw[ 内容変更]
I got one like this. The one i like is the blade very sharp and solid
2016-10-24 Mon 18:03 | URL | real sword #yqu1SKok[ 内容変更]
This is a top quality weapon that matches up very well with swords costing many times more. The only problem was that the tsuba is so tight that it is very difficult to remove to disassemble for a proper cleaning.
2016-10-24 Mon 13:59 | URL | Battle Ready Dragon Sword #OuMeMgGU[ 内容変更]
I received my sword today. I am very pleased with the quality... the only "issue" is that I received the Ronin version instead of the Dragon one I ordered but I must say, I am not even slightly disappointed (as a matter of fact.. in hindsight I think it might be better as the Dragon theme has become a bit cliche'). I will not be playing "warrior" with it so the shortcomings in hacking water bottles and buses do not apply.
2016-10-24 Mon 13:58 | URL | Japanese Dragon Sword #7HjDo4vw[ 内容変更]
Great price and my son loves it!
2016-10-13 Thu 23:51 | URL | katana for sale #6vpyuZsg[ 内容変更]
For the price I don't think you can get a better Samurai sword. Normally I collect fantasy swords or medieval time swords but I do have a few katana's and this one is great. While its not my best one for the price, its of great quality. It is sharp so it should not be played with as someone can get seriously injured but that should be common knowledge when dealing with swords. And this is a real sword.
2016-10-13 Thu 23:50 | URL | Chinese Swords #dY2jqSKI[ 内容変更]
This sword is very nice and sharp, it is so sharp that I cut through six cans of tea in the same time! It is worth it and always remember to keep it oiled because it will rust other than that is is a very beautiful piece of art I highly recommend this katana
2016-10-13 Thu 22:01 | URL | japanese weapons #mHb/FT6Y[ 内容変更]
This katana was everything I hoped for and more, it arrived on time and in excellent condition. My only complaint is that it says china on the brass plate(I forget the name, the one between the tsuba and the habaki)but that can easily be replaced. I would definitely buy from this seller again. If you're looking for a handmade sword but can't afford a paul chen, then this should be the one you choose.
2016-10-13 Thu 22:00 | URL | katanas for sale #yTiNnsTc[ 内容変更]
Excellent training value for your $$. I own several of these. They are basically unbreakable, unlike oak or kamagong wood bokken, of which I have broken many. These polypro bokken are not as rigid as wood, so be aware of that. Also you'll want to put tape on the grip area, the polypro gets slippery when you're training and your hands are sweaty.
2016-10-13 Thu 21:45 | URL | true katana #cUj7iFPU[ 内容変更]
Very beautiful
2016-10-13 Thu 21:45 | URL | true sword #Hdt1dVbU[ 内容変更]
Nice display sword only, doesn't come presharpened. Also it is fragile so handle with care.
2016-10-13 Thu 18:28 | URL | Japanese Wakizashi Sword #E5k/7sRA[ 内容変更]
I don't have much experience playing with Japanese sword. But I definitely feel the quality when I unpack it, it comes with a certificate and even a carrying bag! The details of this sword is nice and clean, material feels solid and grace. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
2016-10-13 Thu 18:28 | URL | Japanese Samurai Naginata Sword #1B4tQRZ2[ 内容変更]
Great seller!
2016-10-04 Tue 00:39 | URL | SAKABATO Sword #t0REDUDI[ 内容変更]
2016-10-03 Mon 01:43 | URL | Yeezy Boost 350 V2 #EBUSheBA[ 内容変更]
Deleivery fantastique .. rapide, achèterait encore
2016-09-29 Thu 00:57 | URL | katana for sale #6vpyuZsg[ 内容変更]
perfect product in perfect condition. fast shipper and great seller.
2016-09-08 Thu 18:54 | URL | real swords #.y9kxC2I[ 内容変更]
Lisser transaction! Je vous remercie !
2016-09-08 Thu 15:35 | URL | japanese samurai swords #qbV6MRs.[ 内容変更]
Love the shoe! Quick shipping! Great condition!
2016-09-08 Thu 14:59 | URL | Naginata Sword #P2QnMNhk[ 内容変更]
This really is a very funny but old movie!
2016-09-08 Thu 14:58 | URL | Swords Bags for sale #IRMBHuYA[ 内容変更]
grand article , la foudre expédition rapide. Je vous remercie !
2016-09-08 Thu 12:27 | URL | Wakizashi Sword for sale #4lnsk5Q2[ 内容変更]
Excellent transaction , point & vendeur. Merci , je serai de retour!
2016-09-08 Thu 12:26 | URL | katana Sword #H4PQ6d06[ 内容変更]
Happy Snails 5 stars! Thanks...
2016-09-05 Mon 16:12 | URL | ancient samurai swords for sale #8kYOaZUc[ 内容変更]
Perfect description, fast shipping!!!!!
2016-09-05 Mon 16:11 | URL | best katana sword #kr8aTRTI[ 内容変更]
Great item. Super delivery. Thanks.
2016-09-02 Fri 21:50 | URL | samurai katana #AWulhxNI[ 内容変更]
great transaction. thanks
2016-09-02 Fri 21:50 | URL | katanas #OTMBJi1.[ 内容変更]
no problems
2016-09-01 Thu 20:38 | URL | katana sword for sale #EM4j4/fI[ 内容変更]
perfect transaction - thank you!
2016-09-01 Thu 10:51 | URL | buy real katana #7ZNCMuJI[ 内容変更]
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Este pacat ca organiza?ia UNDP patata imaginea prin sponsorizarea oameni ca Caraseni George (Gheorghe Caraseni), implicat indirect in furtul de miliarde in Moldova. Era ca ?i cum el a fost inva?at membrii Partidului Liberal Democrat din Moldova, condus de ceta?eanul notoriu Vlad Filat (foto de la membrii de partid) jefui Moldova, introducerea schemelor de corup?ie. Dar, pe pagina faceebook lui a autorita?ilor actuale de cearta, in special, dl Vladimir Plahotniuc (link-ul de pe Facebook)
Este un lan? de bine cunoscut de magazine alimentare Linella. Acum, acolo Caraseni dl George (Gheorghe Caraseni) «teach» angaja?ii acestor magazine sa jefuiasca statul ?i ceta?enii Moldovei, ?tim cu to?ii calitatea produselor alimentare in stocheaza date. Costul minim al cursurilor pe care el preda in?ela autorita?ile fiscale ?i, in cele din urma ceta?enii Moldovei, in valoare de 3500 de euro pe persoana. De ce ar fi acest "consultant" ar plati acest tip de bani in doar 3 zile de la consultari. Caraseni George (Gheorghe Caraseni) construie?te imperiul, oricine poate deveni un membru, trebuie sa faci pentru a face bani ?i de a descarca de pe site-ul sau profil http://www.caraseni.md/data/formular.xls.
Toate acestea sunt acoperite cu sloganuri frumoase «cadrul programului Consolidarea in Moldova Civile Societatii».
In videoclipul lui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYehg5wgJxM&feature=share el face clar pentru oricine care poate ajuta la rezolvarea problemelor financiare, prompte ?i de a preda.
O alta sursa de venit pentru afacerea lui (altele decat consultarea liderilor de partid in organizarea regimurilor corupte) este spalarea banilor. Caraseni organizeaza cursuri costisitoare, dintre care costul costa zeci de mii de euro. Schema este simplu: organiza?ia pe care dori?i sa spele bani din granturi, subven?ii sau profituri (printre ele un astfel de bine-cunoscute ca lantul de magazine de bijuterii - «DIAMANT" operator de telefonie mobila "VOXTELL", magazinele CSET - «Nr 1", o re?ea de interioare de comunicare celulare - " TELLUS ", Lan?ul de magazin alimentar -" LINELLA ", firma de panifica?ie produse de panifica?ie -" Pofta buna ", agen?ie de comunica?ii -" TELEMEDIA GRUP ") transferuri in contul de suma lui specificata (cursuri intr-adevar sunt - jocuri de rol sunt de?inute timp de trei zile, intins franghie, evazata batut umplut timpul alocat ramas) cursuri formale (nimic nou este predat in aceste cursuri, de exemplu, pentru tipul de bani pe care se poate intarca la 2 institu?ii), ?i inainte de a semna certificatele de acceptare a ceta?eanului aduce managementul organiza?iei (care afecteaza tranzac?ia) 50-70% din suma transferata.

Aici sunt pre?urile sale (in euro) la rata unui "stagiar":
Asistenyug individualg on-urilor Dezvoltarea ONG -Investitii necesare
 Pentru Investitiile necesare de asistenta organizatiei mai multe depind Factori: Durata asistentei, asistentei Genul, cu materiale de suport sau fara etc acestea Pentru o Investitia necesara luna de asistenta de 650 Este INDIVIDUALA EURO (SUMA includ impozitele aferente sunt conforme legislatiei).
 Asistenta individuala. pe o Perioada cu 2 - 3 luni - 5% reducere.
 Asistenta Individuala PE; o 3 Perioada - 6 luni - 10% reducere.
 Asistenta Individuala PE; o 6 Perioada - 9 luni - 15% reducere.
 Asistenta Individuala PE; o 9 Perioada - 12 luni - 20% discou

Investi necesare - 550EURO pe Modul

CONSULTANYUA pentru -Investitii Liderii ONG Consultatia se necesare contra Unui Ofera de 35 EURO onorariu pe ora
Alte servicii pentru ONG-relevante Investi de necesare Investitiile necesare facilitare reprezinta 65-100 EURO pe zi.
CREAREA PARTENERIATELOR- pentru beneficierea Investitiile necesare de serviciu Sunt ACEST - 500- 550 EURO pe luna.

Cred ca autorita?ile fiscale din Republica Moldova este de a verifica legitimitatea opera?iunilor de date ale ceta?enilor Giorgi Caraseni (Gheorghe Caraseni)
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It was the outline of a daisy flower that my husband left outside my tent door before he set out for his sunrise kayaking adventure.
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The day exceeded our expectations on every level and the tent received so many amazing comments that you should be very proud.
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One of many decisions that couples struggle with when planning their wedding, is the venue.
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5 years ago I never thought I would be where I am today.
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s ICYMI: Christian, have you ever felt you had to clean your act up in order to feel God's presence again.
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