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“The predators only come in the hottest years” First 2 predator movies established this,
Predators are reptilian and don’t like cold weather. AVP was in cold weather.

Predators enslaved humans and made them build pyramids WTF? That is so cliché’
Its been established that they are only interested in hunting them….
Not managing them. Aliens and pyramids have been over done.


Incubation time of the aliens in this film was only about two minutes
in this films continuity. The first alieans was atleast 24hrs in the films continuity.

This move wasted the the awesome story line of Machiko Naguchi the only
human who the predators allowed into there culture.
This predator made a shield and spear and buddied up with sanaa latham….
That would never have happened. Even if she killed an aliean.
Then he buddies up and helps her? WTF?


The predators armor and weapons in this movie couldn’t with stand the alieans blood.
They acted as if they didn’t know this in the movie.
If predators had been hunting them for thousands of years.
They would have know that there weapons are usless. (bad continuity)
It made all of the weapons usless.


The predator takes off his mask and lets a face hugger get on him?
I guess that could be a “rookie Mistake”

The predators shoulder cannon didn’t move with his head as
it did in the predators movie.


So if the look to the left it would have blown off there face.

There was a tree branch in side a 10,000 year old pyramid buried under the arctic.
It was just leaning up against the wall.
Its what he made the spear out of lol.
No to mention I believe the acid blood conveniently didn’t melt the blade in this scene.


At the end of the movie when Sanaa lathan and her new friend Predator
number 3 are running side by side as the pyrymid is about to blow up.
The Predator couldn’t keep up with her, she was out running him lol.
A predator would have just left her.

Danny Glover couldn’t keep up with the one in P2 with a car.


At the end when the predators pick up his dead boddy lol 4 SHORT
preds walk up to the body emty handed, they squat down.
The camera goes away for a split second.
When it comes back the have him on a stretcher.
Its really quite amazing. WHERE DID IT COME FROM? LOL


They already used the REAL Wyland in Aliens 3… How many times can
that be used as a plot device lol

And the BIGGEST peace of crap in this movie is the fact that none
of the Predators checked to see if the body was infected lol.

In P2 the predator sees the baby in the woman’s stomach.

This would have been the same… They’re also was a

Elder they… If they had been hunting aliens for centuries and

Capturing queens for training rituals….


You mean to tell me that they wouldn’t have checked to see
if there was a parasite… PLEASE, WTF is that crap.


I’m glad all of the predators on that ship died.

I could go on for ever on why this movie (AVP) sucks; this is about a third of it.









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