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In a stormy night, the American dancer Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper)
arrives in Freiburg coming from New York to join a famous and expensive
ballet school for a three years training. On the next morning,
she is informed by the direction of the school that a student she met
leaving the place on the previous night was violently murdered and the police
is investigating the crime. She becomes friend of another student,
Sara (Stefania Casinia), and she realizes that the house is indeed a coven
of evil witches. It took me twenty-eight years to have the chance of watching
"Suspiria". This masterpiece of Dario Argento has never been released on VHS
in Brazil, and only a couple of months ago a new Brazilian distributor
released this magnificent double DVD, recorded on DTS and having lots of extras,
including a documentary about Dario Argento. "Suspiria" is outstanding,
and has exceeded my best expectations: the story is excellent,
its atmosphere recalls a nightmare, with the amazing use of strong colors
and the soundtrack from the Italian band Goblin is very scary.
The cult actress Jessica Harper has another great performance
and her character Suzy seems to be trapped in a nightmare.
I certainly include "Suspiria" among my favorite horror movies
and I only regret the time I have missed without having the chance
of watching this stunning work of one of my favorite directors.

My vote is ten.





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